Istanbul Fiat Automotive is a well-established company that responds to the different needs and demands of its customers with the sale of zero and used vehicles, as well as service and original spare parts requirements, and serves as the main dealer of the Iveco brand from the cornerstones of the international commercial vehicle industry. With the entrepreneurship of our founder Nihat Arı, our company took the first step to the automotive sector in a shop of 75 m2 in 1965. It is a moment away from closely following the development of the sector, without any compromise from the principle of "honest trader" time success, and nowadays, IVECO has reached a total service area of ​​6500 m2, including 3000 m2 closed and 3500 m2 open. Quality and service understanding Our main principle is to be ready for the developments of the customer needs with the customer-focused approach and to be able to provide the services that are constantly and constantly renewed and to provide prompt and appropriate service, to make improvements in all our activities by always aiming at better and to make our quality standard always at the top.

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